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Faculty Senate

Members’ usernames are listed next to their names. To email them, add unless otherwise indicated.

Term Ending 2021

  • Chunrong Ai, Economics, tsinghua
  • Florin Curta, History, fcurta
  • Angela Bacsik, University Writing Program, abacsik
  • Mary Ann Eaverly, Classics, eaverly
  • Emily Hind, Spanish and Portuguese Studies, ehind
  • Andrew Zimmerman, Geological Sciences, azimmer
  • Leslie Murray, Chemistry,
  • Paul Mueller, Geological Sciences, pamueller
  • Imre Bartos, Physics, imrebartos

Term Ending 2022

  • Theresa Antes, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, antes
  • Helene Blondeau
  • Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, blondeau
  • Stephanie Bogart, Anthropology, sbogart
  • Selman Hershfield, Physics,
  • Cynthia Simmons, Geography, cssimmons
  • Lora Levett, Sociology, Criminology & Law, llevett
  • Shawn Weatherford, Physics, sweatherford
  • Malay Ghosh, Statistics, ghoshm
  • Ratree Wayland, Linguistics, ratree
  • Rebecca Hanson, Sociology, Criminology & Law, r.hanson
  • Patricia Sohn, Political Science, pjsohn

Term Ending 2023

  • Eleni Bozia, Classics, bozia
  • David Foster, Geological Sciences, dafoster
  • Jillian Hernandez, Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research, jillianhernandez
  • Sujata Krishna, Physics, sujatakrishna
  • Hannah Vander Zanden, Biology, hvz