Tenure and Promotion Committee

Members’ usernames are listed next to their names. To email them, add @ufl.edu unless otherwise indicated, or click the link.
Two elected, one appointed in each area
This committee will review all tenure and promotion recommendations made in 2018-2019 by departments in our College and advise the Dean.


  • Chair, TBA
Behavioral & Social Sciences
  • Connie Shehan, Sociology and Criminology & Law (2016-2019, appointed)
    cshehan, 392-3365
  • Stephen Perz (2017-2020, elected)
    sperz, 392-0251
  • Fiona McLaughlin, Linguistics (2018-2021, elected)
    fmcl, 392-0262
  • John Sensbach, History, (2016-2019, elected)
    jsensbach, 273-3398
  • Kenneth Kidd, English, (2017-2020, elected)
    kbkidd, 294-2807
  • Mary Ann Eaverly, span style=”font-style:oblique;”>Classics (2018-2021, appointed)
    eaverly, 273-3361
Natural & Mathematical Sciences
College Resource Dean
  • David Pharies, Associate Dean